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Journey to the Spreewald

The Spreewald is a popular destination in eastern Germany and offers visitors an idyllic river landscape with numerous activities and sights. If you want to travel from Berlin, there are various ways to get to the region.

Arrival by car:
The fastest and most comfortable way to reach the Spreewald is by car. From Berlin, the A113 leads directly to the Spreewald. Depending on your starting point in Berlin, you can reach the Spreewald within 1 to 1.5 hours. However, please note that in the high season and when the weather is nice, there is an increased volume of traffic on the roads in the Spreewald and there may be longer waiting times at the most popular excursion destinations. Free parking is available in most places in the Spreewald.


Travelling by train:
An environmentally friendly alternative to travelling by car is to use local public transport. Several trains depart daily from Berlin to the Spreewald. The trains depart from Berlin Hauptbahnhof, Berlin Ostbahnhof or Berlin-Spandau and stop in Lübbenau, Lübben or Vetschau. From there you can easily get to your destination in the Spreewald by bus or taxi. The journey takes between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the connection. If you want to enjoy the landscape on your way to the Spreewald, a trip with the regional train is a good option, as it stops at many small stations along the route.


Regardless of which travel option you choose, we recommend that you plan your journey well in advance and, if necessary, book accommodation in advance, especially during the high season. This way you can ensure that you enjoy an unforgettable and stress-free stay in the Spreewald.

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